IGMPR and friends at the World Tulip Summit 2019

Our Story

Our international flower adventure started back in 2013 with an ambitious project in Guangzhou, China. We continued our journey with the same Dutch partners and have since been involved in some of the most challenging and demanding projects in China and Asia. Interest in our work and experience is growing internationally, and we have developed different models and designs suitable for any location or operating model.

Our Team

Our team is an unique and highly effective blend of seasoned flower (tourism) industry professionals, creatives and cross-cultural project managers. However, any introduction to our team would not be complete without including the management and staff of our clients, people with whom we have developed long-term partnerships and warm relationships.

Ibo Gulsen
Ibo Gülsen


Pieter Teisman

Visualisation & technical design

Zao Ye
Zao Ye

Project Manager

Walter Jansen

Senior advisor

Yi Yin
Yi Yin

Project Manager

Jan Guldemond

Planting Design

Peter Elstgeest

Technical Specialist