IGMPR is a Dutch project development and design firm specialized in floral and horticultural attractions and destinations. We combine our creativity and fascination for flowers and their use across cultures and history around the world, implementing the practical approach of an engineer and investor. The projects we are involved in typically attract hundreds of thousands to millions of visitors each year. We support the growing global flower and garden tourism industry with a comprehensive package of services, ranging from planning, creative design to implementation.

We typically start with creating a strong identity and storyline based on the history, identity and ambitions of the project and location. Our Imagineering process starts from there, taking into account countless variables and constraints in terms of cost/benefit, target groups, transportation, marketing, hospitality, events, operation model, (peak) capacity, climate, seasonality, planting plans, construction and landscape conditions. The size of a project can range from just 250 m2 to over 50 hectares, capable of attracting tens of thousands of visitors a day. 

This imagineering exercise leads to a visitor journey detailing every attraction point and time spent, which is then transformed into a functional plan including footprints, circulation etc, along with an initial business case and plan. This functional plan is then turned into a masterplan which includes the concept design and stunning visualisations of the different attraction points. The masterplan can be commissioned to local partners for construction, and typically we remain engaged throughout this process to supervise and support the detailed design, construction and operation, including staff training.

We were the first to develop Immersive Blooming Objects: highly ‘Instagrammable’ and themed flower attractions which can be implemented in any place at any time, capable of attracting (tens of) thousands of visitors per day, even with social distancing and circulation restrictions. For clients in Europe and North-America, we can deliver these installations turn-key, including construction and decorations materials, flowers and plants.

We work for investors, developers and operators of (theme) parks, botanical gardens, shows & festivals, cultural institutions, Expos, and other tourist destinations, both public and private. We are comfortable working with all kinds of different stakeholders, ranging from high-ranking officials, executive management, media to operational staff.